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Is the Team Bored?

There’s an interesting thing that happens with humans once they know a job or task and they feel they know it well.They start to get bored or take it for granted. Whereas initially there is a challenge to learn the job, eventually it becomes second nature. Maybe humans are wired that way so we keep going after new ways and new sights. Whatever the reason, as the job gets commonplace and boredom sets in, people will find different ways to fill the time. They still do the job, but it no longer requires the intense focus it did during the learning phase, and it takes less time than it once did. So now they look for other things to fill the time.

It is interesting to watch a group of people that are becoming bored or things are just status quo even for a couple of days. The work has probably slowed somewhat so the pace of work has become less. Without intervening, just observe what occurs. Some employees will sit around making comments about how they are so bored, while others will walk around the complex and talk to anyone who will listen. Some will start to clean up the office even to the point of sweeping and dusting. Some will start to rewrite paperwork to make it look neater in their minds, and some will ask for something to do

Most of the time people do not like just sitting around. It doesn’t feel so great to be unproductive and the time goes very slowly. However, handing out non-relative tasks is not a good idea because employees will see and resent this if the work is not productive in some way.

Even when work does not slow down it is the same job in the same way Every day and this becomes boring or perhaps it is too familiar. The more thinking that is taken away from employees the faster boredom grows. It isn’t that the job is not liked or even enjoyed, it is more that there is no challenge.

The ramifications of this are that before a manager knows it people are leaving and saying they got a new job. Or even though people have stayed and are still a part of the team the enthusiasm seems to drop along with drops in energy. Some of this can be seen in a change in body language as compared to when the employee started. The excitement in starting a day seems to get less and less. The walking paces are slower, there’s a kind of hanging around and nothing seems crisp. The workplace has become too comfortable and too well known.

The regret may simply be that the team and the people on that team have never gone after and reached their potential. The regret might be that the team is sluggish. The regret may be that the team never went for becoming more. It could be that the team has settled for getting the job done in a very average and common way. The regret might be that the team could have achieved everything and yet fell short.

Probably though, things have become commonplace. If boredom is seeping in it is because it has not been looked at or people have become too accustomed and a little blinded. Status quo is not the way to achieve greatness. Risking and trying what has not been done before is the way to go to the next level.


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You are the only one that can live your life. No one can live it for you.

You cannot live someone else’s life.

And no one can dream for you. You must have the dream and them go after it.

But don’t go it alone. Have support from others.

But in the end —- your life is yours.

Never settle.

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Responsibility of a Leader

I’ve gone around this, given hints, talked about the concept. This time it’s  about the bottom line in team building and keeping that team at top performance.  Just think about it for a moment. The best sport teams or individuals in the  world win the championship and when the next year comes around, they don’t. What  happened? Now to be fair there are other teams that are working very hard to get  the trophy. Pretty much they are now going after the winner to win it all.

A couple things occur that keep a team from being on top at all times. They  felt the amazing feeling of winning so it will never be a first again. The  members of the team are not motivated in the same way. They get bored. It  doesn’t seem new anymore. It’s not their fault. The human mind once it has  learned something and become good at it, wants something new and different. It  already got that skill down, so to speak. We see this in different areas of  business situation. First people are nervous when starting something new whether  the job or learning a new task, a lot of energy is being out into it and then  they feel comfortable as it becomes second nature. To be precise there has to be  a lot of checks and balances. Perhaps it is a human condition.

For teams there has to be newness. this is the maintenance of a team. There  needs to be checks on the team and this has to be done often. But this IS NOT  micro-managing. Micro-managing is very bad and is more destructive to a team  than helpful. Part of maintenance of a team is finding new ways to do things and  bringing in things that will keep the team learning and sharp. A team that  thinks it knows it all will get dull. Once that occurs, things will slip. The  team leader must continue to challenge the team and everyone on it.

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Team Building – Myth or Magic?

Talking about the philosophy, thinking and experience in regards to the front line employee, their importance, and what employees need and want.

This e-book is the thinking behind a program that is in the works to address the front line in business.

It is thinking about how business can have championship teams.

Team Building – Myth or Magic?   Take a look — join in


Getting to the next level.



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Employees Matter

What do employees really want?  Is it really just about pay though of course people should be paid fairly.  But is that what motivates or is it more about a feeling, a striving, and a wanting to know that the job done matters.

Come get updates and information on employees and all that the front line can accomplish.

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Thoughts on Child Discipline

A child does something that an adult feels is wrong and this needs to be punished so that the child has something bad to relate to whatever the child did. In this way it is believed that the child will not do the wrong again. This is assuming the child understood that this punishment is because of the wrongdoing. If I remember correctly though, the word discipline comes from the word disciple which means teaching.

In this respect it seems that using discipline is a way to get a child to stop and think about what happened and find the correct or better way to handle the situation. Many times it is great to talk with children before they do something that may be considered wrong. Schools often do this in elementary school when they talk about consideration for others, working things out, listening to others, cleaning up after themselves, and politeness. Just having a discussion or some questions to the child often tells whether they understand what they are suppose to do in every day or different situations.

It also gives them attention and lets them know they are getting attention from their parents , or teachers, or even friends. Before the discipline is needed it works well with children to tell them what they are doing right. Children deserve to be thanked when they help out or even do their chores. Even at the work place we are told to thank each other and these are adults.

It is my opinion that children need this even more. It reinforces the behavior or tasks that are important and that help children get along in society. When children or really anyone knows the expectations that are they needs to follow it is easier for them to not make a mistake. Perhaps that is how doing something wrong should be looked at when it is the first time or maybe even the second time. That the child is going to receive a reminder of the correct way to do something or behave. Only when it becomes a repeated behavior should it turn into a time out or losing something as a consequence.

Discipline should be looked at as teaching. Whether that is stopping a child and talking about or showing the right way, asking a child if he/she understands what is expected, saying thank you to the child showing the child should use thank you to others. Again this needs to be noticed and reinforced to the child with praise. The more positive the situation the more a child wants to do it and will remember.


About the Author Liz cosline – Life Ownership Coach In business for over 22 years receiving several awards for team building. International Coach Federation

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People Just Sometimes Need a Little Assistance

We have a lot to think about today. Sometimes too much. It can cause anxiety, nervousness, stress, and even a little panic at times.

But mostly this come from not having a plan. Time management can get away from people and time passes.
And most of the time it just takes getting back on track.

This is done with recognizing and setting the goals, making the actions steps, and staying accountable to get what needs to get done accomplished.

This is exactly what coaching is about. If you want to explore the benefits send an e-mail to:

Check out:

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