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You are the only one that can live your life. No one can live it for you.

You cannot live someone else’s life.

And no one can dream for you. You must have the dream and them go after it.

But don’t go it alone. Have support from others.

But in the end —- your life is yours.

Never settle.


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Expecting Perfection

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If you do nothing – that is exactly what will change.

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Team Building – Myth or Magic?

Talking about the philosophy, thinking and experience in regards to the front line employee, their importance, and what employees need and want.

This e-book is the thinking behind a program that is in the works to address the front line in business.

It is thinking about how business can have championship teams.

Team Building – Myth or Magic?   Take a look — join in


Getting to the next level.



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If ever you will lead others you will lead by everything said an done. You will be noticed. Be sure to care about the team and the members together and individually. Be sure to listen. Be sure to take the ideas that come from the team. Be sure to praise the accomplishments. be sure to know that mistakes will occur but that is being human. Teach. Be sure to believe the team is the best because they respond to your belief. Be sure to conduct yourself as if you have the best team there is. Be sure to show you are committed to the team. And be yourself.

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