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You are the only one that can live your life. No one can live it for you.

You cannot live someone else’s life.

And no one can dream for you. You must have the dream and them go after it.

But don’t go it alone. Have support from others.

But in the end —- your life is yours.

Never settle.


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Sometimes it’s great to say thank you for what is coming!

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The world can seem and at times be very hectic. There just
seems to be so many things and tasks that must get done in a day. Whether it is
work projects or household chores the days often don’t seem to have enough
hours to complete everything. When things don’t get done it often feels like
life is getting behind and now catch up has to be played. All of a sudden it
doesn’t feel so good. It might feel like there isn’t enough time for


Once this feeling starts it can affect how the day goes.  Is there often a rushing feeling that if only
the next ten things get done there will be time to relax?  Sometimes people are delayed that are asking
for things until later when there is time. Children are sometimes told that
there isn’t time to play right now and they will have to wait.  A spouse might be told that a vacation needs
to be put off until there is time, or even a dinner out, a movie, or just a
family night.


My intention in bringing this thinking up is that the time
will not return. It will go by and not be recaptured. It is a very precious
commodity taken in moments for an activity enjoyed, work completed and
relationships made to name a few. When asked for time I found it good to ask
myself, if what I was doing does not get done this instant what will that
affect? If I find the answer is that it is not immediately pressing, which is
most of the time, then I pay attention to people. Tasks are not affecting by
the amount of time as much as people are, or lack of time. Tasks can be
restarted but the moments lost with people cannot.


Liz Cosline

Life Ownership Coach -certified/Team Enhancer

In business management for over 23 years.


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Never again

Never before and never again will there be another YOU!

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