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Sometimes it’s great to say thank you for what is coming!


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Make a Life

Sure everyone can make a living by working a job and getting the bills paid,  but the joys, laughter, giving of oneself, etc.—- that having a life.  No one got to the end and wished they had worked more.  Great days to you!!!

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Time is Passing

Time is a measurement that should be used.  the days are passing.  Each day should be noticed for they will sometime, somewhere run out.  I think we are meant to notice this.

It helps to realize that there comes a time when people can come together and say that humans must have respect, humans are precious, that harm is not to be done to humans any longer, and that it is up to all of us to decide this.  To take care of each other in any possible way.

Perhaps some questions should be asked.  What kind of world is actually wanted?  Who has the power to make the world a better place?  Where is the direction that humans want to go?  Are we just letting things happen to us or can we pick a direction together?  Time is passing.

But mostly and perhaps most importantly  it just might be time to decide we will honor each other.  We are incredible and amazing creatures and it is time to declare that for each other.

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Take Time to Look

Going through life getting everything done. Always take time to stop and check that you are going where you wish, and becoming who you want to be.

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