reacting to Change – Spiritual balance

So this country, the United States of America, and its people are faced with tough times in their personal, working, and financial lives. This can cause a great amount of stress, frustration, and anxiety as the future seems uncertain. Life has never gone along constantly smooth and there are always bumps in the road. These are the times to surround yourself with friends and family and remember the things that make up a good life. When there is negative energies they are combated with positive energies that can be sought after with others and remembering to engage in the fun things. The more down a person gets the more the energies get less and the harder it is to motivate and get things done. It can become a spiral downward.

One of the aspects of life is spiritual balance. Or perhaps it is life balance using spiritual means. Balance comes from sometimes, depending on something other than what is happening, gaining strength from within and the powers of God and the universe. It is the spiritual part of life that can be counted on always but especially during the challenging times. Instead of letting problems take us down to a negative level, it is the balance that allows clarity of situation to continue. It is clarity in seeing the situation that allows ideas on ways to get through or to correct the situation.

Instead of allowing the negative energies to consume life it is often very helpful to quiet yourself. Put the frustrations aside for just a few moments, or any emotion that is becoming consuming, and take time to regroup, calm, and refresh yourself. This can be done by meditation when the body gets to relax a little and the mind gets to rest. Meditation is also a time when the mind and spirit can remember what is important in life finding new ways to solve problems. When the body and mind calm often the person will have different visions of possible solutions which allows for a psychic ability either consciously or unconsciously. Is this is paid attention to often it allows time to see that perhaps it is not as bad as it seems. It allows a person to see that he or she has a lot more strength that thought.

All people want to live their lives in a very positive way. People want to have enough to have a decent time on this earth. Anything that threatens that causes tension. But again life has its hard times. It is during these times that it is very important to keep a balance and there is no better way to do this than with spirituality. This gives balance to life when nothing else can. Some suggestions on how to do this is as follows.

First just stop for a moment and ask yourself if for today you will make it though and be all right. Now take a look at the next day and ask yourself the same thing. How far does this time period go out if you keep asking yourself this question. It should come out that there is time.

Next do you have friends and family that can help support you through this hard time. Or are there groups that can also assist or give suggestions. This can allow a person not to feel alone.

Have you been through hard times before? The answer is probably yes sometime in life and it was worked through by finding ways to cope with the situation and pulling the strength from within and from beliefs. Though it often seems like problems will not go away, sometimes it is a time for deciding what it is that is important in a life. These are the times that spiritual peace is often tested or has a feeling of being tested. But this is also the aspect of life that keeps people going when it may seem too hard to keep going. When there seems to be no answer, this is exactly where the answers come from.

People do not usually get to the end of their lives and wish they had more houses, televisions, cars, or even money. At the end people are usually talking about the wished of more time with family, friends, spouses, and children. Usually talking about that they wished they had spent more time on spiritual things, balancing life, and wanting more time to do the things that caused laughter, smiles, and those warm feelings.

When times are hard it is often these times that people forget to smile, forget to laugh, and at times get so down they forget to pull the strength and power that comes from remembering there are all kinds of energies in the universe here to help us all. When a person has found spiritual peace the possessions of the world are not so important anymore. It does not mean that people cannot have things that make them happy but it does mean that these things do not determine the worth of a person. Having spirituality reminds people that giving attention to the person inside is what makes a life fulfilling.

No one wants to have hard times but it can be eased by keeping a balance with the power that spirituality allows. Talking with God, universal energies, allows people not to feel alone, allows a calming of the soul, allows time to rest, and allows someone to get feeling about what is happening. This then allows time to reflect, to think about solutions to the problems or concerns, and options for talking with others and getting help if needed. But even if help is not sought this allows people to stay strong and to not feel helpless.

Perhaps this is the greatest reward for keeping a balance with spiritual things, taking time to meditate, thinking of the future and keeping life going. The gift is that no one has to be alone in anything that is endeavored. That no matter how scary something may seem you can remember that you are not alone and that help will come from somewhere else. It’s good to remember that chances come about because of faith. The soul is an incredible being.


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  1. #1 by Jim on May 11, 2010 - 2:46 am

    True — great to keep the balance and thanks for the article.

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