Team Greatness

Indications the team is coming together. There are ways that a group starts acting when they are becoming a team. The energy get going and the energy is very positive. This is a great thing to see and needs to be encouraged along the way. Part of being a team is looking out for each other.

1. Team members treat each other with respect. They are courteous to each other, finish their jobs so it doesn’t fall on the next employee along with wanting to do a good job, and explain to each other how the day is going.

2. There is professional joking going on with laughter and smiles. There is a pleasant non-complaining atmosphere.

3. When shifts need to be covered they help each other out. There is a feeling of helping back and forth with no one taking advantage.

4. The team is hungry to learn more and to do extra.

5. The members of the team are willing and want to help each other. They thank each other along the way.

6. They want to find the ways to get this done. They will come up with ideas on how the job can be done more easily or faster.

7. Team members believe in each other and encourage each other to do better.

8. The team wants to succeed together.


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