Making the Most of Life

Making the most of life has been gone over before. There are so many ways that people have taught this. Keeping up with the Jone’s is one of the advice scenarios that comes out every now and then. But really this does not makes sense. Sure people need to go to school but to be told what they should do for work seems senseless.

Children show interest in so many things and then in a few weeks are no longer interested. Only when something sticks to the child or young adult do we get a sense that this really means something.But I believe this to be true of any person. What are the dreams that get a person to go past obstacles and get things done? More than this why does this happen to some and not to others?

One thing that I have seen is many people do not take the time for themselves or to invest in themselves. Investing in oneself is training, or school, or programs that better a person. But another way to do this is to look inside and see what is it that motivates, brings go, that you enjoy doing, and will do even if circumstances get in the way. Some people get joy from fishing, other climbing mountains, other supervising, and still others farming. All of this and more is fine is it brings happiness to the person doing it. It’s when we give up those dreams that it seems settling for a life is what happens.

Perhaps more attention should be given to this by people of any age. What do you want? Now that is a small question with a big impact. Things are not the answer here. Those will come because you have found a career that is really enjoyed and thus becomes easy to do because of that enjoyment. Obstacles no longer stop anything from happening but instead the ways around are found. It is more important to keep going than the obstacle that presents itself.

So what needs to be found is that driving force inside that gives reason for an individual life. Also in finding this and taking a look inside it is easier to balance life. There is an appreciation for the work and career plus an easier appreciation for other aspects of life. Dreams often show what fills people and need to have a little attention given to them as well. I believe dreams are indicators of what makes people happy. There is no reason not to have big dreams. Once we were told we would never fly or see the moon. But someone dreamed big. In dreaming big not only did man fly but made it to the moon. Without those big dreams it never would have happened.

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In business for over 22 years receiving many awards regarding teams. Official guide for for team building.Appeared on several radio programs.

International Coach Federation, Professional Speakers Bureau -International, National Asso. for Professional Women


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  1. #1 by Lisa on December 28, 2009 - 5:01 am

    Just appreciate reading the different thoughts.

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