The Emotions of Teamwork

Often the emotions are encouraged to be left at home when talking about business.  Or are they?  When teams are talked about we ask them to be enthusiastic, pumped up, have a great attitude, have a lot of energy, and be very positive.  These are rewarded and a lot of praise is given to this.  Guess what?  These are emotions.

Humans have emotions and they will not always be positive.  That is just a fact and is impossible to keep that level at all times.  Things happen and can be upsetting.  There are sometimes frustrating things that can happen during the day.  But none of this is bad.

As a leader though this needs to be kept in mind and emotions need to be redirected at times.  But not in a way that says people cannot have emotions but instead acknowledged.  This allows employees to know that all of them is seen and cared about.  I’m not talking about having the work place filled with uncontrolled emotions, employees are adults, but I am saying that people will have down days and leaders can understand this and possibly give employees a break now and then.  Let them go for a walk, regroup, or just talk a little.

This tells them the leader sees them, along with all the other things done as a leader, as a human as well as an employee.


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