Social Media – What is Too Much?

Social media and the networks are amazing.  It is very rewarding to be a part of them.  The people I have met are incredible and probably would not have met them if it were not for these networks.

But one of the points regarding these networks I believe is to make relationships and to assist each other to our goals.  At times, and not always, the posts that come through are offerings products and services and that is all you get to see from the person.  There is nothing about the company, nothing about the individual, and nothing about what the make up of the service or product is all about.  After awhile i find myself going past the title and no longer reading the post.

I don’t know if others find this to be true but i would think that would hurt the marketing more than help it.  Just something that I noticed myself doing lately and it made me wonder about what is too much?


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