Communicating From the Receiver Point of View

Whenever communication is going on there are a few things happening.  First the giver of the information needs to have a clear idea of what is to be communicated.  The best way to do this is in plain language that doen’t get caught up in being fancy.

It should also be kept in mind that people use their past to receive information.  There needs to be a reference to uderstand what is being communicated.  This is why people take things in at different times otr in different manners and that’s OK.

Some people take in pictures or being shown better than words.  Some take in information by reading better than hearing.  And some like to be talked with.  It is simply a good idea to communicate in different ways to employees, family, friends, and people that have just been met.

Never assume the message has been received.  It is always good to check in the future especially if teaching something that there was understanding of what ws wanted.

Just as a thought, could you explain the color blue to someone and have them see the same color you do?  Though not this dramatic,  it’s about references for people.

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