Why We Repeat Certain Habits

No matter who you are there are certain ways you act and certain things you do that repeat and you do without thinking. Many of these things are good plus they work while getting tasks accomplished. But there are also certain habits or programs that occur that at times we are not even aware are happening. The brain is a computer and takes in all information that is presented. There are no judgements about the information it is simply taken in and recorded. Over time programs are formed in the brain that will called back up in different situations. What’s great about this is that any unwanted program can be changed.

For instance many people have stage fright. Even great speakers in many cases once had to deal with stage fright but changed the program in the brain to get over this. Since the brain runs like a computer it is replacing the old program with the new program. Anytime a program is not used it begins to go away, become weaker, or as I said get replaced. How does a person do this?

Though the best way to do this is through coaching there are some things a person can do. First face the fear and really define what it is. Get a hold of the feeling that goes with this obstacle. As with stage fright, tell yourself the opposite of the fear. For instance, people will not judge me. I am a good speaker. I know this information and the audience does not. I speak clearly and there is nothing to be afraid of in regards to speaking. In this way a different message goes to the brain and when said many times begins to have the brain believe it.

Liz Cosline
Author/Life Ownership Coach of:
Transcendental Sojourn – Arrival to One Journal (xlibris)


Liz Cosline - EzineArticles Expert Author
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