Changing Programs

It is interesting that the mind is like a computer taking in everything that is seen, heard, touched, and smelled. Plus it never decides the right or wrong of these things, it just takes in the information. This habit are formed and humans often repeat acts even though they may not be desirable. It’s only because the brain pulls from what it knows.

But what is great is that old programs can be changed and replaced with new ones. This is usually where coaching comes in to teach a person how to do this and to get rid of any program not wanted. An example might be stage fright, or we have seen it in someone saying “um” too much while speaking, or cessation cracking knuckles, and many other things. In business often when a person hears no to a proposal it is thought that’s forever. Here’s a tip, only hear maybe when you hear the word no. This way a better time to propose it again will probably occur.

Changing programs can change the view of a lot.

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